Amazing Benefits of Activity Toys for Babies and Kids

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Amazing Benefits of Activity Toys for Babies and Kids

Activity Toys for Babies and Kids help in improving their social and communication skills. Studies suggest that 12 to 18 months old children are encouraged to pretend-play with toys for cognitive and acquisition skills development. Pretension is an effective method that a child employs to imitate adults and converse with a toy by associating it with an imaginary character.

Why are Activity toys important for your kids?   

Playing with activity toys increases IQ and promotes problem-solving skills. Activity toys are designed to stimulate children’s minds and advance their learning. They help develop problem-solving skills, teach conflict resolution, and nurture imagination, all the while your kids play!

Magic Cube is a very essential toy for kids as it increases mental strength to think in a complex situation. Archery sport series help kids practice aim and shoot long-distance targets. This helps to increase kids' focus on any action. Aeroplanist - Power Plane is another cheerful toy to fly the aircraft in a motion that is suitable to kids minds. The fly by rope gives movement to the body so the kids run around and play to their joy.


Nourish Kids Health with Toys

While children do need time to play alone and with other children without adult intervention, research shows that playtime with parents is also important.

Children crave time with their parents. It makes them feel special. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids regularly. This should include one-to-one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the home. 

In pretend play, let the child develop the theme. Get into their world. Let them go with it. Ask questions. Play along. Be silly along with them and have fun.

Also, when appropriate, parents can use stuffed animals or puppets to act out real-life situations that can teach problem-solving or social skills. Let the puppet demonstrate the wrong way to handle a situation.

  • Play outdoors - Play with Throw Balls, Archery Shooter, Machine Gun Toy, and Push kids on swings. Make mud pies. Go on a hike around the neighborhood. Take a nature walk in your backyard.
  • Play games - card games, board games, Paint a picture, Puzzle games. It's helpful for them to learn to take turns, how to win and how to lose. Praise them. Encourage them. Laugh with them.
  • Listen to music together. Sing along. Play rhythm instruments along with the music. Get out the guitar or keyboard and make music.
  • Read a book together. Ask questions. Ask them to change the story or make up a new one.
  • Watching a movie together. Find out what they liked – how they felt. Discover the child’s interests. Comment on and discuss any bothersome content either words or actions.

Playing with kids with toys builds a bond that will last forever. It lets the child know he or she is loved and appreciated. It opens the door for sharing problems and concerns when the need arises. 

It helps the parent get to know and understand the uniqueness of each child. It is also a great stress reducer for overworked parents.


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